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 Observation Data

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Data Status

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CTD A.Tsuda  
BioSi H.Saito  
Buoy Position A.Tsuda  
Chlorophyll T.Ono  
Diatom H.Kiyosawa  
DIC, Alk T.Ono  
DOC H.Ogawa  
FRRF K.Suzuki  
HPLC-pigment K.Suzuki  
Iron J.Nishioka  
Mesozooplankton A.Tsuda  
Microzooplankton H.Saito  
N-uptake I.Kudo  
Nutrients H.Saito  
PAR H.Saito  
Phosphorus T.Yoshimura  
POCN K.Imai  
Primary Production K.Imai  
PRR H.Saito  
Sal.-DO T.Ono  
Sinking particles Y.Nojiri  
TEP S.Takeda  
Trace metal Y.Sohrin  
Underway data J.Nishioka  


Before using SEEDS data

Please read and agree with the following statement about uses of SEEDS observation data.

<< Copyright >>

  • All rights with respect to the data sets and documents are reserved by SEEDS observation perticipants.
  • If investigators make any paper or presentation using data obtained from data originators, they are requested to express an acknowledgment for their cooperation.

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Figures obtained by SEEDS/SERIES cruises are shown.
Please contact with SEEDS scientists before use.

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